Our Motto: Boomerang.

You always get back the good you give.

Our Great Story

The world is ever-changing and with that change comes new challenges. But of all these changes there’s one thing that should never take a backseat to our beliefs—the intrinsic value of human beings.

Founded by Lissette, Values for Fashion (VFF) is a movement to help people remember what it is they value and to share those thoughts, feelings, and emotions with the world around them. It’s about speaking your truth, sharing in your integrity, and making a positive difference for yourself and the people you might pass on the street.

Share your values by wearing what’s important to you. Speak up. Take a stand. And remember that no matter what, we’re all people and we’re in this together.

Sending a Message

We bring significance to people’s clothes by encouraging them to show the values they hold on the inside by wearing them on the outside. We’re helping you send a message that you care.

Let’s Be Heard Worldwide

We want every person around the world to wear their values, be it a trending topic, a global message, or something closer to home. Whatever you want to express, we want to help make it happen.

What We Do

We bring significance to people’s clothes.
We encourage the people to show their values on the outside.

Why we do it

We want every person around the world to wear their values, to “Wear” what’s important for them. We want to make values a trending topic.

The VFF Foundation

Let’s Make a Positive Difference, Together

Every day we have a choice to positively impact someone’s life. That’s why we utilize the VFF Foundation to help support the education of kids and young adults and raise awareness about culture, inclusivity, diversity, and overall human values.
These strong values help us:

- Create More Opportunity
- Increase Cultural Awareness
- Support Children’s Education
- Impact the Next Generation

Save the children Donate support kids education

Giving Back to Save the Children©

We donate a 10% of sales to this incredible organization that helps children in unsafe households, helps protect and prepare doctors and health clinics in refugee camps, and helps support distance learning in the face of school closures. Find more information here: https://www.savethechildren.org/

Embrace Personal Expression

Celebrate the important values in your life with clothing that expresses how you feel, what you believe, and why it all matters.

Empower Feelings and Emotions

This is an opportunity to share how you feel inside with the world. Let people know what you care about with every choice.

Make a Real Difference

Every online sale goes to support a positive non-profit organization that’s helping children and young adults make an impact.

Our Team

Carol Zapata

@Carol Zapata

Values for Fashion means a lot to me. It is the way I can easily express myself, show my convictions and impact other people in a positive way. I love VFF because it’s inspiring and spreads love, awareness and compassion in a world full of hate. So, when I use it, I feel that I’m bringing some hope to the society and next generations. It’s very motivating buying a comfy and versatile outfit and helping a good cause at the same time.

- Carol Zapata

Kenia Sanchez


I’m glad I decided to support Values for Fashion. It’s really great to use cool and comfy clothing to promote important values such as goodness, gratitude and confidence, and at the same time contribute to a better life for people with limited access to education in Dominican Republic. It’s a win for all.

- Kenia Sanchez


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Values for Fashion

Let Your Clothes Tell the Story of Your Life.